Why ZReminder? Why not use my phone?

You could use an app on your phone to do this. Of course when you lose your phone or change your number or change providers or or or or - no or's with ZReminder, it just keeps working.

Out of sight, out of mind - until it's time to send the reminder!

ZReminder is just plain and simple. Send a reminder every X days. Or every X months, or once a year, or X years.

ZReminder – set a reminder to be emailed to the address of your choice on a day that you choose.

Enter the message to be sent, the person to send it to and what day to send it.

One Time or Repeat.

And it’s FREE!

ZReminder can be set to send an email one time or once a week, once a month, every 2 years – whatever you would like.

Use it to remember birthdays, anniversary’s, pay the rent, change your contacts, car inspection – anything you want to be reminded of. You can send it to one or more addresses. Send one to your kids reminding them of your birthday! Then have it send you a verification email that it was sent.

AND – you can now have a verification email sent to yourself or others so you’re sure the reminder notice was sent.

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