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Welcome to ZReminder, a service of ZAK Software Inc.

What is ZReminder ?

ZReminder is a cloud based program where you set reminders to be emailed to the address or addresses of your choice on a day that you choose. It can be sent one time or you can have it repeat the number of days, weeks, months or years you want. You enter the message to be sent, to whom it gets sent and what day it gets sent.

Can I have it repeat automatically?

Yes – when you add a ZReminder, there are settings for the number of days, weeks, months or years that you would like between each reminder. For example a ZReminder can be set to go off every day, once a week, once a month, every 3 days and so on. It can also be set to go off one time.

Can it be set to go off 1 time?

Yes – you choose the date, and that’s when it will be sent.

What time of day is it sent?

The program will send out the reminders between 12 midnight and 4:00 am.

Once I set it, can I change it, can I remove it?

Yes, you can edit any of your ZReminders as well as delete them.

How many can I have?

Right now, there are no practical limits, and they can all be set for different intervals.

How do I know it was sent ?

You can place an e-mail address in the “Verification to” box and when the ZReminder is sent, one will also be sent to the address in that box.

How much does it cost?

It is Free!

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