ZReminder system is an easy automatic way to send email reminders to yourself or others.

With ZReminder you enter a message, the email address (or addresses) where the message will be sent and the date you want the message sent. You can also choose to have a verification notice sent to one or more addresses so you know the message was sent.

On the date that you specified, an email reminder will be automatically sent to the email address/es you entered – along with a verification message to any addresses you indicated.

You can set up recurring reminder messages through ZReminder: once per day, once per week, once per month, once per year.

The ZReminder list screen

After logging in you will be able to view a list of the ZReminders you have setup. The List Screen will show the Reminder Message Name, the Next Date it will be sent, the time interval that messages will be sent, the addresses to whom the ZReminder will be sent and optionally the addresses to whom the verification will be sent.

On the left side is the EDIT icon. Click that to bring up the ZReminder for editing. You can edit all the ZReminder information. There is also a DELETE button on the right had side that is shown when you edit a ZReminder.

Adding a new ZReminder

Adding a new reminder message is easy.

Simply click the link at the top of the List Screen — “ADD NEW .

Here you can edit the ZReminder:

  • REMINDER NAME – You can name the reminders to make it easier to remember. The name can be up to 60 characters long and can include spaces and some punctuation such as dashes, commas, periods..
  • NEXT DATE -Use this to indicate the next time you want the ZReminder to be sent. There is a calendar drop down that will let you choose the date.
  • SEND REMINDER TO – This is where you put the SEND TO addresses. You can put in one or more email addresses. It is currently limited to 5 addresses per reminder. To enter multiple addresses place a comma between each – for example: “john@notreal.com, jane@notrealeither.com, someoneelse@noplace.com”.
  • SEND VERIFICATION TO – This is optional – if you enter one or more addresses in this box they will receive a notification when the ZReminder is sent. This is limited to 5 addresses.
  • EVERY – Use this to indicate the intervals that ZReminder will sent. It can be sent once a day, one time each week, one time each month, one time each year or just sent one time. Choose your option from the drop down list. (If you choose once each month, and you set your next date to the 29th, 30th or 31st the program will set the date to the 28th or 29th when it runs in February. The “next date” will then become the 28th or 29th (leap year) for the rest of the months.)
  • MESSAGE – This is where you put what you want the ZReminder message to say. No html is allowed, just letters, numbers and simple punctuation.
  • Save Changes – Don’t forget to hit this when you’re finished added a new ZReminder or editing an existing one.
  • TEST EMAIL – Under the SAVE CHANGES there are two options you can check – you can send a test to the addresses in the SEND REMINDER TO and or send a test to the SEND VERIFICATION TO addresses to make sure they are entered correctly.

If you decide not to add a ZReminder while you are on this screen, click the “cancel” link and you will be returned to the list screen.

If you forget your password

If you forget your password, go to the login screen and click the link “Forgot Your Password.” Then simply enter your email address and your password will be sent to you.

Deleting a ZReminder

Ending reminder messages is simple. To delete a reminder message, go to the List Screen and find the reminder you want to remove. Click the EDIT icon and you will see a DELETE button on the right side of the edit screen.

Edit a ZReminder

Suppose you want to continue sending reminders to specific people, but with a different message? No problem.
On the List Screen page, go the the column at the left had side that says “EDIT”. See the “Adding a new ZReminder” for an explanation of the information in a ZReminder.
When you edit a ZReminder it does NOT go back and change previously sent ZReminders. The edits will take place for the NEXT scheduled emailing.

When are they sent?

ZReminders are sent between midnight and 4:00am of the day you specify in the “NEXT DATE” field.

What if the server is down?

For more than 15 years, our servers have been up for over 99.99% of the time. However, weather conditions, acts of god, unusually high internet traffic due to attacks and other unforeseen disasters may result in down time at some point in the future. In that event the system will run a check when it comes back up and send any unsent ZReminders.

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